Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Which Game of Thrones Character is Donald Trump most like?

This question was partially addressed in Winter is Trumping:

Making Westeros Great Again!

There is no easy answer to this, you can see elements of Donald Trump's personality in a variety of Game of Thrones characters.

Separated at Birth: Walder Frey of Twin Towers vs. Donald Trump of Trump Towers

Trump does have a Tywin Lannister thing going...

Trump also a bit like Alliser Thorne

But there is an obvious choice:

Separated at Birth: Short Fingered Vulgarian vs Littlefinger? Oh yeah...

The same is true for Hillary. She certainly has some Cersie issues going (and the actor who plays Cersie is throwing her support to Hillary, or at least her opposition to the Donald) and and Red Witch comes immediately to mind too:

I am a big fan of Diana Riggs' character on GoT but she is not Hillary (the character Olenna Tyrell is also way smarter than Hillary)

John Kasich to finally drop out?

Instapundit: What's one more defeat?  (Kasich yesterday saying he is all in)

So why would Kasich drop out after that statement yesterday?  Obviously because Cruz dropped out. Apparently Kasich thinks he still has a shot on being Trump's Veep or something.  Myra Adams now thinks that is increasingly unlikely (she thinks Gingrich is on the short list). I am not sure what else explains this whole Kasich campaign other than his insufferable vanity.

Sorry John, while you might help a bit in Ohio, we have Newt and Christie fighting over Donald Trump's affection like two Bangkok bar girls fighting over a drunk sailor with a wad of cash. I am not sure you want to get in that scrum. Then again, knowing your style, you might actually enjoy that.  

EBL: Remember when we thought the future would be great, There's got to be a morning after (here's some good advice, head for the stern), and congratulations Trump supporters (sorry if I can't join you in celebrating)

PlunderBund: Kasich forced to reveal how rich politics made him (he came to do good and did very well)

RedState: Is John Kasich suspending his campaign?

AoSHQ: Dirty SOB Kat-Shit to do a speech

Rush Limbaugh: GOP post-mortems begin

Legal Insurrection: Kasich to Quit

DaTechGuy: Trump-Jenner?

Remember when we thought the future was going to be great?

Maetenloch had this vision of our future present...

The fight goes on.  I would encourage looking objectively on why things did not turn out the way we wanted (there are lessons to be learned).  I wish Ted Cruz did not drop out, but I suspect financially it was too difficult for him to go on.

I would also recommend we not go out of our way to alienate Trump supporters.  While some are mean spirited, not all of them are. There is also no upside to it.

They are wrong in backing this candidate, but sometimes people have to learn from their own mistakes (telling them in advance often never works).  The 2016 race is not turning out as most of us hoped. While there is a lot of anger over what happened, many of these people celebrating this revolution now will likely not be celebrating in the future. We will need to win some of them over then.

That said, it may be time to head for the stern...

Wombat: DaTechGuy: A final warning...

Maureen McGovern: The Morning After

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Congratulations Donald Trump Supporters

I do not share your enthusiasm for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee against Hillary Clinton. Even though I have profound reservations about this choice, I do support your right to choose the candidate you think is best.  I know many of you are sincere, some of you are friends, and I wish you and our country the best.  

I hope that Donald Trump turns out to be as great a candidate as you hope he will be.  If he wins the general, may he prove my doubts wrong.  

Instapundit: Reince Priebus: Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee

Why Ted Cruz Lost: Campaign 101: How to deal with hecklers

This is how not to engage a heckler.  Sometimes it is better to walk away. As gracious as Ted is being and using this as a teaching moment, he can't win this exchange.

Hecklers are always hostile, although how you deal with them will depend on the type of heckler they are. For politicians it is a bit more complicated because a touch question posed by a person is not necessarily heckling, but you know the difference between the two when you see it.

Give this particular Trump heckler credit for his timing and verbal jabs (they are funny, even if completely unfair and hostile to Cruz).  But that is how hecklers work. And to make it worse, the media then takes and edits this exchange and replays them out of context as sound bites.

Trump certainly has his flaws (and I am sure Team Hillary is looking to exploit many of them), but he generally knows how to take on the media. Ted never quite got it--a lot of his speeches and delivery worked against him. Ted's speeches go way too long.  His style is too preacher-ish. Ted can't change who he is, but he can be way more effective a public speaker than how he has done. I do not think Ted Cruz in the long run is finished, he will be an important voice of opposition going forward, but he definitely should learn from his mistakes (so far) in this campaign.  

Stand up comedians know how to take on hecklers. There are techniques they use (they face this threat all the time). Most importantly, they control the microphone and the forum.

Now this is how you take on a heckler:

Steve Crowder is a funny guy and is well spoken. Steve is likable. But Crowder has advantages in this form that Ted Cruz does not have on a sidewalk with Trump fans:  The crowd at U Mass is mostly sympathetic to Crowder (they went to that show to hear those particular conservatives speak) and hostile to the Social Justice Warriors like #TrigglyPuff who came to disrupt the event. Most importantly, Steve has the microphone

RedState: Ted unleashes on Trump (over crazy claims Ted's dad was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald) and strangely why would Trump trigger Ted like this when Trump is going to probably win? This combativeness is pathological and does not always work to his advantage. Doesn't Donald need all the help he can get? 

Do The Democrats Still Have A Plan B?

So will the Democrats take their chances with Trump vs. Clinton, or is there still a Plan "B"? 

Interesting article. I'd say no, only because why go through this whole primary process to do this?  Seems an especially risky way to go. Why not have Hillary bow out a year ago and just go with Biden and Warren?  Biden (for all his gaffetastic ability) was always a better candidate for the Democrats than Hillary (especially teamed with Warren).  Now they have the complication of a competing candidate with Bernie Sanders in the mix.  

Of course, the problem with Trump is it raises uncertainty for everyone.  Does anyone, Trump included, know what his Administration plans and goals would be if he wins (other than getting Mexico to build a wall)?  And while it is likely Trump would lose big to Hillary, it was also likely he would never get the nomination (yet it looks like he will do so).  

If things do heat up with the Clinton FBI investigation (why would Salon run this), could the Democrats still go with Plan B to stop a President Trump taking control? It is possible (I am sure they have thought about it at the White House). Biden's typical motor mouth would probably pair well in a contest with Trump's tweets.  Bernie supporters may defer if Elizabeth Warren was on the ticket. Obama would prefer Biden in the White House over Hillary.  It would raise all sort of drama and publicity at their convention (as we have seen, dominating the news is generally good).  

Plus with Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee, Dems must figure they have so much opposition material that even Hillary can't blow this?  Nothing is guaranteed. Ambassador Chris Stevens is also not available for comment.

The Game of Throne memes still work too:
Biden does have that White Walker look to him...

Rush Limbaugh: The GOPe want to lose with Cruz? I think they figure they will lose with either and wait till 2020 (always count on the GOPe to lose). Right now the GOPe is with Trump.

Francisco Goya: The 3rd of May, 1808

Monday, May 2, 2016

Is Ted Cruz the one true candidate...

Not to imply Cruz supporters are aligned with the Red Witch (sorry for the Game of Thrones analogy, but it seemed apt). I was a Cruz supporter early on, but I suspect the GOP race may be effectively over tomorrow.  I am not a Trump fan, but I am definitely NOT a Hillary supporter.  

While the remaining march to November is less than thrilling (to the point of being depressing), we still have Game of Thrones to look forward to. So far it has been good. Next year Better Call Saul will be back too.  

My prediction is Hillary will prevail over Trump, but then again, it is not over till it's over. You never know if someone will pull a Bolton and (politically) shiv one of the remaining candidates.  Who would the Democrats go to in that circumstance? 

Et tu, Marco
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There are topics you should NEVER look up on Google Images...

Reddit had a thread on queries that you shouldn't ever make on Google.  In response, Metro had five queries best not made on Google Images  Some of these you may know, for example, the term "degloving" is one that is both accurate but understates what it is really all about.

#Trigglypuff also known as Cora Segal or Cora Miriam (even Reddit explains)

Know Your Meme: #Trigglypuff

Victory Girls: Fighting Evil

Encyclopedia Dramatica: #Trigglypuff

Father & Daughter: What The Hell Happened?

The Liberty Zone: Symptom of a Deadly Disease

Vice: Fat Anarchists Pissed Off At Skinny Liberals

DaTechGuy: Compare and Contrast and Pete's upset he missed the fun

Instapundit: Crowder and Milo respond to social justice warriors at U Mass

Lowder with Crowder: Crowder gets fan male from his recent triggeringYouTube censored, and Epic smackdown

EBL: Are Conservative Women Prettier? and SJW outrage over University of Washington Cheerleaders

While every rule undoubtably has limits, never let a Rule 5 opportunity get by (Maetenloch likes his readers enough not to go there):

#Trigglypuff's big dating profile

All this was predicted by John Waters decades ago!