Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Responds To Its Terrible Mistake

Separated at Birth: Jon Stewart and...?

Separated at Birth: A Tale of Two Contemptable Duckers

Are conservatives and liberals living in two different moral universes?

Wow, Project Much Benny? 

And why not a Hanna Bleau Rule 5!

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Lem's Place: Dentist upset over his roll with Cecil The Lion's death
Hot Air: Interview with former Planned Parenthood Organ Harvester

EBL: Planned Parenthood responds to its terrible mistake

This early election cycle is about as much fun as a barrel full of...

Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds: Yep (actually they do say a lot of evil...)

Camp of the Saints: On Resisting Despots
AoSHQ/DrewM: Trumpmentum!

Roger Simon: Diary of a Mad Voter
JPod: Iran Deal Disaster
DaTechGuy: Will GOP do it to conservatives again? Yeah, probably they will.
Legal Insurrection: Will Schumer and Hillary save Democrats (and us) from Iran Nuke Deal? My prediction, without massive public outcry, no.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Song

Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Hillary Hypocrisy

Smitty: A Village Is Visited By An Idiot

And it is a wee bit early to be despairing John. A certain candidate has problems of her own. At the state level it's not that bad. But after all of that if you are still feeling stressed: Have a Drink (better make it a double)!

If you want to know why certain candidates get traction, look at the behavior of some of the incumbents. Still, don't give up the fight. We only have one planet country to fight for.

EBL: Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Bill and Hillary Clinton's destruction of Monica Lewinsky, Hillary's upside down reforms, and what Carly would do
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary is so bad Obama's talking about running and Paglia nails it on Clinton
Hogewash: Carbon footprints are for little people

Frank Sinatra: The Nearness of You

Mark Steyn had this as his Sinatra Song of the Century # 33 back in May. Bob had the 1960 recording as one of his honorable mention selections this week. I got prompted to do this post after doing the More Sinatra Summer post and then refreshing my memory (Mark planted the seed in May).

Frank Sinatra first recorded this Hoagy Carmichael Ned Washington song with Axel Stordahl arranging it in 1947:

And then again in 1960 on the Nelson Riddle arranged Nice 'n' Easy album (which as Mark notes above did not make the cut, getting bumped by Bergman's title song, until years later when the CD came out): 

The differences between the two Sinatra Nearness recordings are subtle, Nelson (and perhaps with Frank's input too) slows it down even more, allowing an older, more mature Sinatra to emphasize the lyrics.  

As for its rebirth with rock musicians, Keith Richards does a good job playing Carmichael's music on his guitar (Keith's singing may be even worse than Shelly Fabares).

Off the topic of Hoagy Carmichael and Ned Washington's classic, but for a great film on the cross pollination between jazz, blues, and pop/rock via the influence of great LA studio musicians on sixties and seventies recordings, check out The Wrecking Crew (I saw it on AXS, but I suspect you can get it eventually on your Netflix queue too). And that film has a touch of Frank and quite a bit of Nancy.

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