Friday, January 9, 2015

#CharlieHebdo Terrorists in standoff with French police Update: Hostage takers killed by French forces

Twitchy has more.
CNN: Two tense standoffs underway in France
Holding hostages want to die as martyrs

And of course self promoting fool and tool Anjem Choudary calls says Islam is the future for us all and that President Obama a kafir (while I find Choudary annoying and offensive, provided he is peaceful it is his right to say what he wants, just like it is our right to respond to it and ridicule it).

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The future must on belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam (who said that)

French forces storm and kill Charlie Hebdo and Kosher Market terrorists/hostage takers RIP to the four hostages killed in Kosher market.
Instapundit: Live blog, more on al-Sisi speech and attack on free speech and Western Civilization...
TOM: Police kill Muslim fanatics
Wombat: Effel Tower goes black to mourn victims of this attack

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  1. Kill 'em quick and kill 'em dead.

    Looks like that's what happened. And only the Lefties think this reaction is "dangerous" for Europe.


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