Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Megyn Kelly Is Only Selectively Interested In Sex...

The Federalist: Thirteen Times Hillary Clinton Was Truly A Nasty Woman: It is not sexist to call Hillary a nasty woman because it is the truth.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Regular Right Guy: Newt Smack-down of Megyn

Lem's Place: Hillary a poor version of Evita and Me Tarzan you Gyn

EBL: Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Trump

AoSHQ: Me-Again Kelly and NeverTrumpers never seem to want to discuss policy of Hillary vs. TrumpWar on Women? The real war is on our boys! and Nasty Nurse Rachet Clinton

Instapundit: Flashback: Donald Trump, Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali togetherIt was only a matter of time, Where's the FBI? (seriously Megyn, doesn't this require a bit more outrage), and Megyn: How about this from Huma?

Rush Limbaugh: They are all talking about Newt vs. Megyn, Polls TighteningThese people do not deserve to be returned to powerObamacare implodes as designed, Nasty Women: How can Elizabeth Warren say those things about Trump with Hillary Clinton sitting right there? 

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Trump

Washington Times: When she is right she is right...

There is not a lot I agree with Susan Sarandon on politically, but she is right about this. Hillary Clinton is dangerous, because of the cover that Democrat operatives and Media give to her. Hillary Clinton is also a fundamentally corrupt person--right to her core.

Trump has his faults too (although I do not think him as dishonest as Hillary and he does not hate his own country), but you can be sure Republicans, Democrats and the Media will not be giving him too much slack if he won.  That is the difference. Trump would be held accountable from the get, Hillary would not.

EBL: The Fix Was In: Democrat and Clinton Crony Terry McAuliffe Paying Off The FBI

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Powerline: Hillary is a drag

ZeroHedge: Obama lied, credibility died

The Rio Norte Line: The Dodo Bird Media

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90 Miles From Tyranny: The Emails: The Clintons Tried To Get Away With It

Salon: Michael Moore: People will vote for Donald Trump as a FU to the elites, and he will win.

Heat Street: McAuliffe caught trading favors with Clinton's Campaign Manager Podesta
Mark Steyn: Decent Into Evil (remember Hillary wants more Syrian immigration) and Laws are for Little People

American Power Blog and HogewashScott Adams' The Bully Party: Hillary Clinton has turned Americans on each other

RedState: Turns out the FBI did not try to even recover Hillary Clinton emails (this was not incompetence, this was corruption).

Lem's Place: Donald Trump's Diversity OutreachFBN panel laughs when Hillary Clinton introduces Al Gore as her future advisor, and Sanctuary Sequoia

Instapundit: The one candidate who has wielded the sledgehammer of government against her enemies, Huma Abedin: Hillary is still not "perfect" in the head (how much you wanna bet Huma is grading that on a curve), Michael GodwinNixon only wished he got Hillary's FBI treatment, Roger Simon: Could Trump bring the County together?

Rush Limbaugh: These people do not deserve to be returned to power, Obamacare implodes as designed, Nasty Women: How can Elizabeth Warren say those things about Trump with Hillary Clinton sitting right there? 

Maria Bello

Maria Bello plays an interesting character in Goliath on Amazon

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feminist Theory: You Could Call It Sort Of Dystopian

This is not the future I was hoping for. You really need to step back from this stuff and recognize it for what it is: insane and evil nonsense.  It does not empower women and definitely diminishes men. 

Feminism, at least as it is currently practiced in academia, has a similar denial of reality that was so common during the Soviet era. Feminism goes beyond in some ways what the Soviets did in denying biology. Although Feminism shares the Soviet intent on making sure everyone is miserable in the name of equality--well except for a few.  

The trans-stuff seems more about stirring the pot than anything else. The Democrats latched on to it as the next SJW cause to champion.  I doubt even most progressives really believe it, but they like spouting it, almost as a mantra to show how enlightened they are. Some radical feminists hate it--at least on this issue they acknowledge biological reality.  

Virtual Reality Groping: Feminist Gamer Outraged

Wombat: Don Surber: Stacy McCain laughs at Twitter

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Fix Was In: Democrat Terry McAuliffe's Buy Off Of The FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton's Emails

Hot Air: The Fix Was In

The Wall Street Journal reports: Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe had his Superpac donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of a wife of one of the lead FBI agents (the deputy director) investigating Hillary Clinton. No conflict of interest there, is there?  How dare you accuse McAuliffe or the Clintons or the FBI of any impropriety.  

Government is completely compromised. The FBI is flat out corrupt. It is only going to get worse after this election. Buckle your seat belts folks, we are heading for some turbulence.  

Guardian: Desensitized 

Regular Right Guy: Of course the process is rigged

Wombat: Louder with Crowder: What's $600K among friends?

Clinton Defeats Trump

Here's hoping...

I am not counting on a surprise like this. I do not see the path through the battleground states. Still, I have been so wrong so many times over the last 18 months, anything is possible.  

I really would love to see Hillary Clinton lose. 

Hot Air: Clinton Email Strategy (boy it is good to get a distraction at the right time)

Legal Insurrection: Wanted Dead or Alive

Kellyanne Conway: Trump's behind

Karl Rove? He has been wrong...