Tuesday, August 23, 2016

French National shouting "Allahu Akbar" in Horror Knife Attack in a Hostel in Home Hill, Queensland, Australia

Andrea Tantaros sues Fox News

Pigs Heads

Hillary Clinton's Feats of Strength

Man tried to behead two people in Virginia, possible ISIS connection

Trump Tuesday: Barack Obama finally leaves Martha's Vineyard, shamed into putting on down to Louisiana...

Conservative Treehouse: Time to put down the putter...

It is sort of the equivalent of Obama finishing his waffle first (Allahpundit doubted at the time, but that waffle incident actually did say something about Barack Obama's character). Barack Obama is finally heading down to Louisiana to see what happened during the flood.  

Why isn't Crooked Hillary going to Louisiana? Why doesn't she care about Americans in trouble?  Oh wait, not enough potential donors to her favorite charity: Hillary Clinton.  

Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds/USA Today: Lessons of the Cajun Navy: Don't wait for help, be the help

Monday, August 22, 2016

Congenital Liar Hillary Clinton tries to blame Colin Powell

William Safire was right: Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar 

The smartest move for Hillary Clinton would be to admit she was wrong on emails when press and debate questions come up about it and move on. Obama fixed it so the FBI did not charge her. Obama will probably pardon her just before leaving office to protect her from any Republicans thinking to come after her then. Crooked Hillary got away with another crime.  

But she can't shut up about it. She has to try to blame others for her wrong doing. So she is trying to say Colin Powell told her it was ok. As Vodka Pundit notes: she is blaming the black man for her personal failures. Sad.  

Separated at Birth? If lying were an Olympic sport, guess who would always win gold...

RedState: Colin Powell does not like the view under Hillary's bus

Instapundit: Rich white lady scapegoats black veteran

ISIS accused of using a 12 to 14 year old boy to conduct suicide bombing at Kurdish Wedding: More than 50 dead

Given Hillary Clinton's failure to follow State Department protocol on email use, do you trust her to do the vetting necessary to safely screen Syrians? Do we really want to import tens of thousands of more Syrian refugees into the United States?  

ISIS did take responsibility for the attack.  But Turkey's current government is definitely not a friend of the Kurds.  Erdogan has targeted Kurds more than he goes after ISIS.  

Instapundit: Germany tells citizens to stockpile supplies in case of attack (good advice, but what is prompting this caution)