Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stay Chubby: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand votes no on James Mattis for Secretary of Defense...

Really? A bit of posturing there for the Democrat base?  Mattis got the waiver for not being out of the military for seven years, so why not just vote yes? Almost everyone agrees Mattis is an inspired Defense Secretary pick

Of course, talking about posturing, the GOP has Marco Rubio still threatening to vote no on Rex Tillerson. Why? The President Elect should get to pick his cabinet and Rex Tillerson is qualified for the job. Little Marco, don' t get in the cup with McCain and Graham!  

The late Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye told Kirsten to "stay chubby" he liked his women like that. 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Thomassons: Those Peculiar Maintained Architectural Relics That Serve No Purpose

I had not heard this word before, but we know and see similar relics all the time:

But I love how they got their name:  

[Japanese artist Akasegawa Genpei] also created a name for these vestigial structures. He called them “Thomassons,” after baseball player Gary Thomasson who played for teams like the Dodgers and the Yankees. While Thomasson was a fine player in the States, things changed dramatically when he signed on with the Yomiuri Giants, a team based in Tokyo. Once Thomasson arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun, he couldn’t hit a ball to save his life. People called him “the giant human fan” because all he was doing with that bat was stirring up air. 
After Thomasson set the all-time Japanese strikeout record in 1981, the coaches benched the poor guy. And that’s how Thomasson served out the rest of his contract, sitting in the dugout and making money for doing nothing. According to Akasegawa, who’s a huge baseball fan, Thomasson “had a fully formed body, and yet served no purpose to the world,” but just like those fences and banisters he’d found around Tokyo, the man was still being “maintained.” 
So in order to be a Thomasson, an object must be cared for even though it’s completely pointless. The concept caught on, and soon people were submitting their own Thomassons to Akasegawa for approval. In 1985, the artist published his findings in a book called HyperArt Thomasson which was translated into English in 2009. The book inspired a new group of Thomasson hunters, particularly in San Francisco, and Akasegawa’s publishers even started a website where people could submit their artistic discoveries.
There are lots and lots of Thomassons in Washington D.C. And I am not talking about the architectural kind.

EBL: Make Decimation Great Again

Alanis Morissette

Karma for supporting Clinton or just bad luck?  Don't know, nor do I judge. Hey, I am not a fan of thieves, especially when they take advantage of persons who trust them. Then again, as the late Leonard Cohen (another Canadian) noted, he managed to get fame, recognition, and fortune late in life because he had to tour after his manager ripped off millions from him

Per Jim's request, here is a Rule 5 for her.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Cyd Charisse: Singing In The Rain

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Did Lindsay Lohan Convert To Islam? And why does it matter?

Ok, I get Lindsay Lohan has demons. She grew up in a broken home and was pushed into show business by her parents. Her past drug and alcohol abuse definitely did not help. So she may have converted to Islam?  Or is this just a political statement, intended to keep her in the public eye?

Stacy McCain may have nailed it below:

TOM: Lindsay Lohan's Muslim Conversion and Understanding 21st Century Oikophobia

So do I care if Lindsay Lohan is a Muslim, not really. She's an adult and can do as she likes.  But as an example of the growing trend by some youth to reject Western Civilization and culture, it is troubling. Why go there?

Stay Classy: Bitter Elizabeth Warren shows her lack of manners...

Chelsea "Barack" Obama Commutes Chelsea "Bradley" Manning's Sentence

What can you say? He was a traitor who betrayed his country. Who cares if Bradley Manning releases top secret documents that may have gotten people killed. He wanted to be a girl. So let's release him.  

I hope the intelligence community (CIA, NSA, DoD, etc.) remembers who really screwed them.  Hint: it wasn't Donald Trump. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bullies Suck...and you know how to deal with bullies?

Making Decimation Great Again

Washington Examiner: Boom!

Ok, chill, we are talking about slashing discretionary budgets by 20% and laying off 10% of over paid (mostly) political hacks. If you are really serious about taking on out of control government, this is the way to do it.

If Trump actually does this, it will be YUGE. The wails from the Democrats and Left (and some GOPe) would be enormous, but the benefits would long term and profound.

Do it!

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